Peace in the Chaos: How to stay safe during the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 31

Alright folks, as you all know, the Coronavirus is spinning our country out of control. Health professionals and political figures (some of them) are doing their best to keep the spread slow, and keep everyone safe and informed.

As a Doula in the community, I wanted to share some of my feelings as well as reassure you that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. At first, I didn't have any worries or concerns, and frankly, I thought all the panic was laughable. When Colorado started shutting things down and declared a state of emergency, that's when I started to worry.

In my opinion, I don't think there is escaping the virus. I think most people, if not everyone will get it at some point. Most people will show mild symptoms (if any at all), and some of the more vulnerable individuals might need medical care, and yes, some will die. Viruses have been making their way through the world well... forever. We always get past it, and we will this time too.

It's in this scary and confusing time that we need to be strong, and take care of each other! This means the obvious: being responsible, washing your hands, staying home if you can, maintaining social distancing, cough and sneeze in a tissue or your elbow, and take care of your health by eating whole foods, drinking lots of water/tea, and avoiding sugars.

But this also means: SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER! People are freaked out and need hope and love. I am so grateful to be living in a technological age in which we can host or attend classes online, research what's going on, keep in touch with family members and friends who live out of state or internationally, have virtual meetings, and of course some people are able to work from home (you all are so lucky).

Moving on to mamas, new families, and individuals expecting their baby to come Earthside soon. YOU ALL HAVE GOT THIS! I know it's an especially scary time for you. But let me tell you, your doulas and care providers have your best interest in mind. We want to continue to support you and hold space for you through this journey, and we will do so by any means necessary. Spend some time grounding down and connecting with the Earth. Remember that she is holding you no matter what happens and you are capable and strong.

If you have hired me as your Doula or are thinking about hiring a #Doula, here are some options that I have come up with to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

1. Virtual consultations and prenatal meetings: Everything I teach my clients during prenatal meetings can be done via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. We can go over your intake forms, the contract, any questions you may have about pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, and I can share some of my favorite meditations with you to keep yourself as grounded and peaceful as possible. Although I can't physically show you some of the comfort measures and positions, I can guide you through each one, and may even get my husband to join in the fun so you can SEE how to do it. The only things we couldn't do is the reiki and reflexology (which I would be happy to do postpartum, or as soon as this blows over).

2. If I am supporting you during your postpartum time and you don't feel comfortable with me being in your home, I can still cook for you! I am willing to spend time (all of the meals usually take about an hour) cooking in my own home, and then dropping the meals off on your porch. If you need herbs or groceries, I can also pick those up for you. If you are interested in yoni steaming, I have a stool I can drop off to you, as well as herbs and instructions. If you want some of the educational pieces, I can teach you via videochat. Again, your postpartum hours never expire, so you will still get all of the yummy body & energy work, at a later date.

Remember you do have the option to change your mind when it comes to where you birth your baby. #Homebirth midwives are available and willing to chat with you about your options and give you the nitty gritty on birthing at home (which is a really safe option). Birth centers are also available if you are low risk and do not have the virus. If you need assistance finding resources, please shoot me an email:

For all my postpartum families, I know this is a scary time to have a newborn. Take this time to really bond with your new baby and your other children. Being snuggled up is the best way to heal, and know that it's all in perfect timing.

Sending you all so much love from the mountains,


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