What I have learned since birth #1

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I attended six births in 2018, Holy WOW! I remember what I felt like this time last year; scared, nervous, full of doubt, not sure how I was EVER going to get clients. This work, and the #birth world has changed my view on life, work, passion, jumping into the unknown, transmuting fear, loving myself, and my personal development.

If you all haven't read my #blog post about my first birth experience, I invite you to check it out. :)

#Life is miraculous. We all come into the world innocent, vulnerable, and only knowing SURVIVE, and LOVE. I have watched six babies come into the world, starting in the womb, and coming out through the vaginal portal, or through the belly. I have watched documentaries, read books, studied, etc. but nothing comes close to the real thing, and I am still amazed each time I see the gift of birth. On top of that, the strength and resilience of all the mamas I have had the pleasure of working with is out of this world! I so appreciate seeing this, because it empowers me to be stronger, look at my life a little differently, be grateful for what I have, and be even more grateful that I have such a supporting and loving partner.

One thing I know for sure is that I am more able to go with the flow when helping a mama and her partner through labor. I have my knowledge, my doula bag, my birth ball, my #rebozo, my nurturing personality, and my hands. I know the birth process, and I carry little pocket books if I get stuck... there's also the internet. I like to watch and observe mamas early on to see how they cope, and intuitively feel what they may need when it gets tough. We can prepare as much as possible during prenatal visits, but ultimately it is a little tough to do so because we don't know the experience that will be present during active labor. This leads me to another lesson I have learned in 2018.... this is about the present experience.

Experience can change within an instant. It's part of the flow of life. One of the big examples of this for me, is thinking about the past two weeks.. I have been burnt out.. not caring about the #Doula world, not striving for clients, just sitting back and working my day job, and resting. (By the way, resting is something that I have had trouble doing because I am such a go-getter, it's a constant process) Instead of worrying or wondering why I am out of the game, I have accepted my experience. I recently told the Instagram world about this, and the next day I immediately had #PASSION again. It's like giving space for this experience, and acknowledging it without fear, only coming from a loving place, a place of understanding, and speaking my truth about it- was a pathway to a new experience. Refreshed. This is what rest does for us. This is what self-love does for us. This is what speaking our truths does for us.

Another thing I have learned is that putting yourself out there is KEY to success.

Is that scary?.... yes.

Does it make you feel vulnerable?... of course.

Does it take massive amounts of work and confidence building? YES.

This is part of the process. This is part of the work. When you put yourself out there, you let your voice be heard, you tell the Universe that you WANT this, and you are committed to success. Making connections and networking is one of the best ways to get clients, simply by word of mouth. If you connect with someone, whether on a business level or soul level, they remember you.

I have some new ideas for #2019, and I am excited to share with all of you.

1. A hub for women of #Nederland, Colorado (and the Peak to Peak region): working with the local Apothecary to provide information, classes, workshops, and a community for women.

2. 30 Days of prenatal yoga: Follow my Instagram to get more information on this- @sweetembrace_doula (Ill be starting that January 1st!)

3. Not only will I be selling a handmade belly butter made with all organic ingredients, but my clients will receive Reiki with an extra little gift of belly butter being rubbed on their baby bumps. This provides nourishment to the skin, and alleviates stretch marks.

4. Guest bloggers, and a resource page addition to my website. I will highlight local professionals, friends, and inspirations of mine.

5. Affirmation cards! I am super excited about this one.

Blessings to all of you!!! Much love.


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"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” – Rajneesh

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