Will my Doula replace my partner?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Absolutely not! This is a common question, and I love to reassure my clients that my job is not to replace your partner, but to ENHANCE the experience for both of you. Your partner is your number one support system, your love, and your confidant. I want you both to have an empowering and POWERFUL experience together as a team. As a Doula, I supply tools, knowledge, and an extra set of hands which are all very beneficial during labor.

For example, if you are swaying (slow dancing) with your boo, I am able to do hip squeezes at the same time. If your partner wants to take a break or get some food, I am able to stay with you- you will ALWAYS be supported.

Another common scenario is: the partner not knowing what to do, or not knowing how to support mama through labor. Let's be honest, nobody likes seeing their significant other in pain. At prenatal meetings, one of the things I like to go over are comfort measures- these are ways in which mom and partner can position themselves or use tools to decrease painful sensations. I like to do this because it gets everyone on board and allows the partner to have multiple tools in their belt.

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